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Asset Maximization

Industry-leading investment management at your service. 

At Neufeld Capital Management, we are devoted to helping our clients accomplish their evolving investment goals in today’s complex marketplace environment. The advice and recommendations you’ll receive are custom-tailored to you, factoring in your risk tolerance, desired returns, time frame, and income needs. With research-driven market insights and our personalized approach to asset maximization, we offer innovative solutions for every client.

The benefit of asset maximization

Asset allocation is a management process that consists of combining various asset classes (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and more) into a portfolio. Returns are sought from the portfolio as a whole, and not each individual security. This time-tested strategy addresses potential risk through proper diversification while also maintaining the objective of achieving long-term growth. Our confidence in this process, combined with our desire to see you successfully invest and retire well is why so many people trust us as they invest for their retirement.

Asset maximization with a fiduciary

As a fiduciary, we have an obligation to ensure the appropriate products are chosen based on the clients’ best interest. Therefore, we develop your individualized asset allocation model to best fit your personal risk tolerance, objectives and financial needs. Our goal is to maximize your investment returns through diversification of your assets and a disciplined investment philosophy combined with rigorous risk management.